Malek Bee Prod’ is above all an off-road company.

You want me to follow you for a day hike

(skiing or walking)?

Need a photographer to immortalize your diving baptism,

your explorations of shipwrecks, promotion of a dive centre,

all over the world?

A virtual tour of your business would be a plus for your online visibility?

I can make the shots of your dreams!!

PRICES (contact me by email or what's app)

Sports Shooting

360° Cameras

Scuba Diving

Aerial views

Promotional Videos

Malek Bee Prod’ is also the opportunity to promote your company/association/festival through video clips.

What equipment?

4 different cameras for all angles!

A full-frame Sony Alpha 7III hybrid, as well as 3 different lenses, coupled with a stabilizer for crisp, fluid images.

A DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone for your outdoor, water or mountain shots.

A pair of 360-degree cameras next generation, so you don’t miss any angle.

And finally a compact Sony RX100 VII latest generation enclosed in a waterproof Nauticam housing with a pair of powerful flashes and an underwater projector for water shoots.

Who am I?

A former ski technical advisor, I have tackled everything in order to share and live my passion for photography and video through outdoor sports such as skiing, hiking, scuba diving, but also supporting local artisans, ecology, equity between beings and sharing knowledge.



Self-taught, polyglot and philanthropist, my motto is that nothing is impossible for me.

(PADI guide)

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