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Explore my world through my portfolio! Each photo tells a story, captures a unique moment. I invite you to explore my creations, to feel the emotions frozen in my images. Click to dive into my photographic world, let yourself be inspired by my artistic vision.
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Discover all of my services, tailored for both professionals and individuals, on land and underwater! I offer a variety of formats for your photos and videos, as well as a printed photo sales service. Feel free to contact me for more information!


Explore a world of emotions frozen in time through my online shop. Each photo is carefully framed and shipped according to your preferences, capturing unique moments and stories worth telling.
Welcome to my online shop, where each click brings you closer to an exceptional visual experience.

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Since my adolescence, I’ve been exploring my passion for photography and video, using my father’s camera to document adventures with friends. From there, I progressed to capturing the highlights of skiers and divers. In 2021, I launched Malek Bee Productions in France, marking my professional debut. Now based in Mexico, I combine my passion for diving and my talent for photography by capturing weddings and family portraits on the beautiful beaches of the region.

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Whale Sharks Encounter Tour

From May 15th to September 15th, dive into an extraordinary adventure swimming alongside the world’s largest fish off the coast of Isla Mujeres. Book your whale shark encounter tour with me and enjoy unlimited, stunning photos and videos—captured on board, underwater, and from my drone—to cherish every incredible moment!